Slice of Sea – Review #11

Mateusz Skutnik returns again with a wonderful point-and-click graphic adventure. Today I talk about Slice of Sea, this little gem that you should recover if you are a lover of the author or the genre. Ready?

Slice of Sea

Slice of Sea – Review

We will dress in the shoes of Seaweed, an alga with a mechanical armor, able to walk and out of its natural habitat.

The puzzles in this point-and-click graphic adventure are uniform, requiring in some cases patience, logic and careful precision. You’ll never wander in the world without finding a solution.

What is most impressive about this game play are the designs from the environments to the characters. Skutnik once again shows us his wonderful artistic skills so much so that we fall in love from the very first minutes of game play.

Slice of Sea su Steam

Slice of Sea is an adventure that puts in motion sight and hearing, gives a 360° gaming experience without boring you and shows you all the art typical of Eastern Europe, fascinating and mysterious.

Slice of Sea - Announce Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

Slice of Sea is priced at €20.99 on Steam, I recommend playing it if you love point and click graphic adventures done right. I hope this review can be of some help to you, see you next time.

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