Summertime Madness – Review: A cursed painter, enigmas and art

Summertime Madness is a picturesque first-person puzzle game. Published and developed by DP Games, an all-Italian team. Let’s find out the full review together.

The story we are introduced to begins on July 20, 1945 in Prague.

The city of Prague was under siege, ravaged by war. Buildings had collapsed, churches were burning, and everything was about to be wiped out forever. A painter lived there, isolated from the outside world. The more the horrors of war intensified, the more obsessively the artist painted beautiful landscapes, to counteract all the evil around him. One night, a mysterious figure appeared from nowhere in his abode.

He slowly crossed the room and looked at the paintings one by one, before sitting down in front of the artist and offering him a deal. A chance to enter one of his creations, away from the war and free. But if he did not find his way back before midnight, his soul would be trapped in the painting for eternity. The artist, now on the verge of madness and terrified of death running through the streets, shook hands with the mysterious man and agreed to the pact.

A few moments later, the house was empty.

Screen from the game Summertime Madness
Screen from the game Summertime Madness

Summertime Madness – the cursed painter and art

If you are an art lover, the first thing you will notice from the first moments of the game is the attention to detail in the settings, which are very well done and designed like a painting that you can adjust through the settings. Over the course of the session you will be fascinated by the colors and dynamism of each element that is designed like a real drawing.

Initially it may be reminiscent of some exponents of the genre, but soon it turns into a mix of dark and sometimes disturbing moments that give the developers creativity and skill by differentiating themselves from the classics we are used to. We have many references to well-known artists such as Escher, Rene, as well as several references to other artists scattered throughout the various puzzles that I personally enjoyed. Accompanying these scenarios we have a music section that goes well with the surrounding environments and finally the voice acting gives a unique experience like never before.

image 2
Screen from the game Summertime Madness

Intuitive puzzles but in some cases a bit complex

Summertime Madness offers a series of puzzles that require logic, intuition and creativity, some of which are very easy to solve and others slightly dispersive especially to unlock certain points that can continue the story. During my session I admit that I lost patience and on the first game over I managed to finish the puzzle. I remind you that the version played initially was Classic (six hours) and Advanced (three hours), I decided to choose the first to take my time to explore the whole environment.

The new patch released recently you will have the opportunity to replay all the chapters calmly. If you use the clock you will have some clues, but this will cost you 15 minutes less than the time available, so make good use of it. Within the game you have the possibility of extra interaction that will lead you to unlock some achievements, as well as the classic easter eggs. Do you know the white rabbit with his “It’s late, it’s late!”? That’s it, in some moments I was terrified of the clock running out and not saving my progress.

Summing up, Summertime Madness is suitable for those who love puzze game and who love to get involved by appreciating the environments and the soundtrack. A product that in my humble opinion you should play and support a wonderful all-Italian product. I thank the guys at DP Games for giving me the opportunity to try this little gem.

The price of Summertime Madness is 7.39€ on Steam, I recommend you to play it if you love puzzle games made well. I hope this review can be of help to you, see you next time. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out other reviews in the Video Games section.

Free digital Summertime Madness copy of the game provided to us by the developer for review purposes, tested in the PC version.

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